Personal Trainers

Get the best out of your workouts with 1:1 sessions delivered by our fully qualified personal trainers.

Each of our Personal Trainers has a vast wealth of experience and will help you to reach your goals whilst having a positive experience at Bushey Grove. Our Personal Training programs can be used to train for a specific event, increase overall fitness and energy levels and help maintain a healthy weight plus offer nutritional advice.

We have five fantastic Personal Trainers working at Bushey Grove Leisure Centre, below are details of our trainers please contact them to arrange your training.

Marco Martino

Telephone: 07766 717299

Level 3 personal trainer with level 3 nutrition. Marco has advanced kettlebells, power plate and TRX suspension training. Area’s of expertise are weight management, body toning and core strengthening.

Lee Prazer

Telephone: 07908 151237

Lee offers programmes to help increase muscle mass and muscular endurance, increase core strength and help to improve specific rehab injuries. He provides structured step by step methods for those new to exercise or with limited exercise experience helping you to start your fitness journey. Lee can also support specific food plans to back up your weight loss journey. His safe and effective personal approach helps to keep you motivated and confident in achieving your health and wellbeing goals.

Sara Demarco

Telephone: 07841 579321

Sara offers training sessions tailored to your individual needs. Level 3 personal trainer with a focus on improving strength, flexibility and balance, toning up and improving body shape with advice and support on weight and nutrition.

Dee Hoggard

Telephone: 0752 3488 329
Instagram: fitnesswithdee79

Dee is a level 3 personal trainer, her key focus is to help individuals to gain confidence in the gym, improving their overall fitness and increase their body confidence. She offers individual workout plans and nutritional advice. Dee aims to make her sessions motivational, fun, challenging and energetic. Get ready to get fit, sweat and burn heaps of calories!

Alex Turk

Telephone: 07984 254499

We have recently welcomed Alex to our fitness team; Alex is an experienced Personal Trainer and is now available to work with our gym members, helping them achieve their health and fitness goals.

With a passion for fitness and training that spans 15 years, Alex is a true expert in the field. Alex has 7-plus years of experience working with clients 1-2-1.


  • Weight loss and body transformation
  • Nutritional support
  • Online coaching
  • Functional performance